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Reference: 2014ROSE

50,00 €

"Pink October" walking stick: 25€ per cane will be donated to the cancer league Limited quantity Pink derby handle marbled plexiglass on a telescopic black shaft

Reference: 2333

40,91 €

Adjustable aluminium cane, black background with feather pattern black wood handle

Reference: 2014V

50,00 €

Derby handle in purple marbled plexiglass on a telescopic black shaft

Reference: 2321

90,00 €

Carbon adjustable cane, grey plaid pattern, with black anatomic both hand handle

Reference: 2308

40,91 €

Adjustable alum. cane, claret with beige flowers

Reference: 2326

40,91 €

adjustable cane, with cats pattern on grey background with wood derby handle

Reference: 2295

80,00 €

Carbon adjustable cane, Grey-black background with nightingales and berries

Reference: 2313

80,00 €

Carbon adjustable cane, with pink flowers on black background, in 2 parts with black derby handle

Reference: 2202

80,00 €

Carbon adjustable cane, claret, in 2 parts with claret derby soft grip handle

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