« Fayet Rousseau » company was founded in 1909 by Georges Fayet, it is specialized in handles and sticks for umbrellas, sun-umbrellas and walking sticks, turned or sculpted with horn or galalit.
The family association specialized more and more in the making of walking sticks added to its production the curving of the exotic wood with a craft technique which is became a tradition passed down from generation to generation.
From 1964, the umbrella is in crisis, the name of the company is “Ets Fayet Roger”, directed by himself now, exclusively reorients its production of sticks.

The manufacturer crosses France to sell his models of stick an throughout his trips, he acquires antique, unusual, precious sticks, different to each other.

Now, they are a real a source of inspiration for his son.
Jean-Luc Fayet, the grandson of Georges Fayet the founder, took the continuation in 1986; the name of the company is “Fayet Roger & son”.

In 1988, the company became “SARL Fayet™ Cane Manufacture”.

Today, the company is situated “zone artisanal de Bournat” at Orléat in Auvergne area in the middle of France at 400 kms south from Paris. Eleven people work at the company.