To summarize briefly the job of walking sticks manufacturer, it consists in transforming a wooden plaice into a utensil helping the man in these travels, movements or in his clothing ornament.

To exercise this job it is necessary to have some knowledge in several domains such as the use of wood lathes and other materials intended for the cabinet maker. It is also necessary to be able to use lathe and the material which uses the decolleteur. It is also advisable to rough-hew, to sand and to refine a knob or a handle like a sculptor.

The processing of the very different materials from each other requires the concentration of our senses. The touch and the sight are very important in the creation in particular during the shafts are tapered and during the differentiation of exotic wood.

 Sound which indicates when the fiber of the wood are ready to be bend. The sense of smell is useful to recognize certain wood and, which also, during the sanding should not warm and will not gaunt the same steams according to them degrees of temperature.

Only the taste this day is not on alert during the manufacturing.
Several stages are necessary in the elaboration of a cane and are very different according to the used materials and the wished final choice.

That is why it is difficult to explain every detail so much the possibilities are multiple. From a simple wooden plaice, after manipulation, addition of elements and adjustment, it can become cane to system, of splendor, dandy or other.