Carbon adjustable cane with luminous laser device


Carbon adjustable cane with luminous laser device with black derby handle

Supplied in a box with instructions and USB charger

This system helps people with Parkinson’s disease regain a more fluid gait. Integrated system in the carbon walking stick, for more lightness, the laser projects in front of you a luminous line to cross. This visual reference reduces blockages that interfere with walking.

204,55 €

Remboursement CPAM 12.20€
Maximun weight capacity 100 Kg
Weight 380 Gr
Adjustable length 77 à 94
Diameter under the handle 19
Tips SC2251

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease of the brain associated with motor symptoms (slow movements, tremors, stiffness and imbalance) and other complications, including cognitive disorders, mental health, sleep, and pain and sensory impairment.

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